App Searches Should be Saved

After writing such a complimentary piece on Apple's contribution to the world with the App Store, now it's time to share an annoyance.

Why doesn't the app store remember what I searched for (and bought) and suggest new alternatives to me?  It seems to me that if Netflix and Amazon can do this for books, and Apple already does this for music, videos, and podcasts, that apps are an even more important content category.

When I search for an app (by picking a category, keyword, or even by its name), chances are that I don't really want that app - I want the capability that the app represents.  If I spend time searching through all the alarm clocks, I'm probably a good candidate for the new highest rated, fast selling, crowd pleasing uber clock.

I've tried a bunch of feed readers, and haven't really been satisfied.  Now I've just read a review of feedler, and am upset with Apple for not already suggesting it to me.  

Why do I have to search, when I've already shown what I want?  Why can't you read my mind like everyone else is doing?

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