Strategy and Teamwork for Software Driven Businesses
What We Do

We work with tech leaders
To develop BS-free teams
Which achieve a shared vision,
Through winning strategy
Guiding Day-to-Day Action.

The Framework for Execution
  1.  What is the long term enduring purpose of our organization?
  2. In the next 3-5 years, what will we have created in the world?  What is our vision?
  3. At a high level, how will we achieve that vision?  What is our strategy?
  4. Who do we need to become to succeed?  What are our values?
  5. At the day to day level, how will we align our actions with our strategy and values?   What is our framework for execution?
  6. How will we know if we're succeeding?  What is our measurement system?


Standard Stuff


Your Team...

On Target...

In Sync...

On Fire...

in 3 Days!


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Our Consulting Services

We work closely with our clients to customize each experience.  In each case, we’re focused on the lasting impact of both getting your work done, and getting better at getting your work done.  Though all of our consulting services are centered around Strategic Design and the Framework for Execution, we offer some specific ways of delivering these.  Contact us to learn more.

Strategic Team Acceleration (3 days - any team, any level)

Step back to run forward.  Bring your work.  For three days, we’ll watch you work, and whenever your team gets stuck, slow, silent, or stupid, we step in and change the pattern.  Drawing on the Framework for Execution developed at Microsoft (back when Microsoft was on its way up), we’ll guide, drive and lead your team towards dramatic progress on critical issues, and a lasting state of hyper performance.

Leadership Team Acceleration (2-3 days)

The true work of leadership is to design the frameworks within which the rest of the organization can succeed. Lack of clarity about this design, and how it will be executed, is the number one cause of most organizational ills. Our goal is to help large groups of people make great decisions, and take great action - together.

Any lack of coherence in the exec team ends up fractally magnified throughout the organization, often with disastrous results.  We’ll work with you to achieve clear coherent, winning strategy, and a deeply integrated alignment of the exec team to communicate and enact that strategy.

Individual Leadership Coaching (ongoing 3-4 x per month 1-1)

Learning to learn faster is the number one factor in being successful. Often it is difficult to see alternatives to a difficult situation, or how your actions are creating such situations for yourself and others. Our coaching is focused on your specific situation.