Strategy and Teamwork for Software Driven Businesses
What We Do

We work with tech leaders
To develop BS-free teams
Which achieve a shared vision,
Through winning strategy
Guiding Day-to-Day Action.

The Framework for Execution
  1.  What is the long term enduring purpose of our organization?
  2. In the next 3-5 years, what will we have created in the world?  What is our vision?
  3. At a high level, how will we achieve that vision?  What is our strategy?
  4. Who do we need to become to succeed?  What are our values?
  5. At the day to day level, how will we align our actions with our strategy and values?   What is our framework for execution?
  6. How will we know if we're succeeding?  What is our measurement system?


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On Target...

In Sync...

On Fire...

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Individual Leadership Coaching

Learning to learn faster is the number one factor in being successful. Often it is difficult to see alternatives to a difficult situation, or how your actions are creating such situations for yourself and others. Our coaching is focused on your specific situation. We concentrate on increasing self-awareness, team awareness and environmental awareness. Use this awareness to learn at an ever-increasing rate. Get challenged, receive useful insight and learn the tools that will lead you to be a better manager, a better person and a coach for others. (4-5 times a month on an ongoing basis).