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Bootstrapping Great Teamwork

In an evolving marketplace, competitive advantage is shaped by the creative acts of every team in the company.

When you look at a great team, you notice the flow of ideas. The exchange of feedback, the seemingly empathic dispatching of decisions and tasks, the balance between what is and isn’t said, the freedom of conflict and celebration, the unspoken understanding of shared values. You feel recognition of triumphs and failures. You sense explicit learning. You marvel at the openness toward change, challenge, and education.

High performance teams are self-modifying, self-designing, risk-taking, and dynamic.

Does your team act with increasing integrity? Do you have a shared vision? Do you share principles and beliefs? Do you talk about what’s "really" going on in your team? Do you believe the things you say to each other?

The Art of Work is in bootstrapping great teamwork.

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