Strategy and Teamwork for Software Driven Businesses
What We Do

We work with tech leaders
To develop BS-free teams
Which achieve a shared vision,
Through winning strategy
Guiding Day-to-Day Action.

The Framework for Execution
  1.  What is the long term enduring purpose of our organization?
  2. In the next 3-5 years, what will we have created in the world?  What is our vision?
  3. At a high level, how will we achieve that vision?  What is our strategy?
  4. Who do we need to become to succeed?  What are our values?
  5. At the day to day level, how will we align our actions with our strategy and values?   What is our framework for execution?
  6. How will we know if we're succeeding?  What is our measurement system?


Standard Stuff


Your Team...

On Target...

In Sync...

On Fire...

in 3 Days!


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Strategic Team Acceleration


Step back to run forward.  Bring your work.  For three days, we’ll watch you work, and whenever your team gets stuck, slow, silent, or stupid, we step in and change the pattern.  Drawing on the Framework for Execution developed at Microsoft (back when Microsoft was on its way up), we’ll guide, drive and lead your team towards dramatic progress on critical issues, and a lasting state of hyper performance.


Spend 3 days with your team “in lockdown” resolving issues that are current and possibly historically difficult with the aid of skilled consultants.  We start from vision and strategy, then drive all the way through the Framework for Execution, getting incredible progress, from a newly clear and aligned team.

Most teams are made up of individuals who are skilled in their own domain, but not skilled at working in a team. This is especially true of technical teams. Most “teambuilding” workshops concentrate on delivering seminars of previously created generic material, without factoring in the realities of your team’s issues, domain, and skill level. Our acceleration process allows your team to work in a focused way on real operative issues, while steadily increasing the quality of your teamwork and increasing your team’s ability to increase it’s own teamwork after the workshop. Instead of taking three days away from productive work, you spend three days getting work done while becoming more effective.

We will

  •  Point out and address patterns of ineffective team behavior.
  •  Drive progress in discussions and decision making.
  •  Keep your team in line with your stated values and vision.
  •  Coach individuals in wielding effective leadership within your team.
  •  Customize team-building exercises to address specific current team issues.
  •  Help establish new team norms based on mutual commitment.
  •  Blast through wasted time on sideshows, drama and politics.

The result is a significant increase in productivity and synergy within the team, 3 days of hyper-productive work, and a set of teamwork tools to continue to use on your own.