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"In my work as a strategist for Parus Interactive, John and I saw that they needed to rethink their business in ways that they had never considered before. As the leader of the executive offsite John deftly guided the group through a series of exchanges the led to real change. As a mentor and and as a change agent John always delivers, organizations and executives can make profound shifts in their thinking that result in new revenue and new growth for their efforts. Parus Interactive, once a unified communications business, successfully repositioned their brand as Webley and shifted their people, technology, and business aound the Healthcare vertical in order to achieve new growth.  This change is due in large part to the annual planning offsite led by John 6 months prior."

David Koehn - VP Product Management - Parus Interactive

"We built Lancet upon the foundation that John and Laura delivered. We've accomplished great things by doing so - creating an atmosphere that's utterly unique, a place where people don't despise Mondays! We were able to do that because of the techniques for design that they coached us through - techniques that we originally applied to software, and then to all of our idea-oriented projects, including the design and construction of our company."

With those techniques in place we’ve grown from 0 to 17 employees in less than 10 months, and we’ll have close to 3M in sales by the end of our first year in business. We probably wouldn’t have even tried to do something like this except for what we learned from them."

Tom Niccum – CEO Lancet Software Development

"I've had the good fortune to work with a number of professional instructors in teamwork, leadership and personal mastery. The guidance that I receive from The Art of Work is the best. Their contribution to developing the human potential in high-tech companies is powerful, insightful and it works."

Ken Florian – President, Geneer Corporation

"John was manager of the MSDN development team at Microsoft, a rising star in that notable executive firmament, and he walked away from its potential to pursue these objectives. We are the better for that selfless act."

Al Stevens – Columnist, Dr. Dobbs

"Probably the biggest thing I learned was how to transcend different communication and decision making styles. Also to take more personal responsibility in filling any perceived leadership voids and this won't necessarily be seen as stepping on the boss's toes."

Eric Cansler – CFO, Headbone  


"Our management team is working together much better. It's weird – now the business seems much simpler - which I think is exactly what we needed. There are still problems - for sure - but much progress has been made - and there are lots of positive signs. We've got a ways to go - but we're getting there.

It's hard to believe that anybody could come in, spend a few days, and resolve management and interpersonal problems that have been brewing for years. They don't. They teach you how to do it.

You're probably used to spending 5,10, even 50 thousand dollars a pop on a software toolset to support your business. That's what you'll get from John and Laura - a toolset - and it won't be obselete in 3 years."

Scott Hudson – Creative Director, Headbone


"Team learning in the hands of The Art of Work has a freshness and ‘relevant to me’ quality that inspired me to learn and to internalize what I was learning. I have no doubt about the value I got from ‘Creating the Creative Team’ when 8 months later I find myself ‘playing back’ those moments to effectively move me through an issue I'm facing today.

John Rae-Grant wasn't afraid to hit the difficult (we normally don't go there) issues head on, resulting in the deeper kinds of disclosure and discussion that gave our executive team an authentic, no-holds barred operating norm that gets us results."

Ron Reimann – Director of Sales and Marketing, Geneer Corporation


"I've been in several different kinds of management and team training sessions with The Art of Work. The new insights and ideas are new and fresh each time. John Rae-Grant and Laura Petersen always deliver value that's worth the time and money."

Don Opperthauer – Business Unit Manager, Geneer Corporation


"I don't know how they work their magic but it's definitely helped Headbone relieve its headaches."

 Susan Lammers – CEO, Headbone


"I learned:


  • Teamwork should always be an upward spiral.
  • Look for the pattern, especially during unproductive moments.
  • Passion should be channeled not shut down.
  • Listen hard.
  • My frustration usually points to my own insecurity or sensitivities.
  • Focus on results - be prepared to identify results and measure them.
  • If your true motivation is a sound business decision, you should stand up for your belief and present it as a sound business decision.


I would rate the teamness of The Art of Work on a scale of 1-10 as a 10 or higher."

Bob Zimmerman – Product Unit Manager, Geneer Corporation


"There's huge value in having really bright and insightful people take a look at how your team is working- it makes it harder to ignore."

 "The thing I've noticed is that I am now more comfortable with talking about how we feel about things - not just stuff that's immediately related to the work. I think, even more importantly, we are recognizing how VALUABLE it is to work at that level. It cuts to the root of issues. And it frees up a lot of energy to do good work. There are fewer blocking issues."

 Clifton Swiggett – CEO, Mindsai Interactive


"When I first started working with The Art of Work, I was pretty skeptical. I have been through a few teamwork/management-training exercises before and they were a waste of time. I had a lot of work to do and the last thing I wanted to do was hold hands and sing Kumba Ya or get blindfolded for the ‘trust me’ routine.

I was pretty impressed by lunchtime on the first day. We were doing real work, not contrived exercises. And we were learning how to do that work better and faster. I was totally amazed at how much it changed the way we work. I know people who attend these types of exercises say something about how it changed their lives and I always think it’s a bunch of bull, but this really did."

Todd Wyder - Business Unit Manager, Geneer Corporation