Strategy and Teamwork for Software Driven Businesses
What We Do

We work with tech leaders
To develop BS-free teams
Which achieve a shared vision,
Through winning strategy
Guiding Day-to-Day Action.

The Framework for Execution
  1.  What is the long term enduring purpose of our organization?
  2. In the next 3-5 years, what will we have created in the world?  What is our vision?
  3. At a high level, how will we achieve that vision?  What is our strategy?
  4. Who do we need to become to succeed?  What are our values?
  5. At the day to day level, how will we align our actions with our strategy and values?   What is our framework for execution?
  6. How will we know if we're succeeding?  What is our measurement system?


Standard Stuff


Your Team...

On Target...

In Sync...

On Fire...

in 3 Days!


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Working with The Art of Work

We work closely with our clients to customize each experience. 

In each case, we're focused on the lasting impact of both getting your work done, and getting better at getting your work done.  

All of our consulting offerings are centered around Strategy Development and the Framework for Execution.

If there's a lack of shared vision - we hit that first.

If there's a lack of clear strategy - we get it clear.  If the team doesn't believe in the strategy, we get the team to fix that.

If there's a lack of operational planning and clear milestones, we'll make it happen.

This is true no matter what the level of the team is.  Shared vision, clear strategy, tangible plans, great teamwork.  Simple, but by no means easy.

All of our work is 100% money back guaranteed.   You define the terms of success, and we partner with you to deliver.

What is the cost of running fast and hard in opposite directions, or in the wrong direction?  What is the cost of team members not connecting, not communicating, not committing, not innovating?